Burrito Stuffed Peppers Cashew Queso (FROZEN)


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Delicious Red bell peppers take the place of the tortilla with our NEW Burrito stuffed peppers, loaded with vegetables, black beans, quinoa, brown rice, jalapeno pico de gallo and cashew queso.

Ingredients: Red Peppers, Orange Peppers, Long Grain Brown Rice, Quinoa, Black Beans, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Onions, Jalapeno, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Cashews, Cumin, Oregano, Coriander, Paprika, Allspice, Cloves, Chili Peppers, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chipotle Pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mustard, Nutritional Yeast, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lime Juice, Sea Salt